Roadside Coverage


Friendly assistance to get you back on the road

– 3 claims per year, up to $100.00 max per claim
– Natiowide Coverage in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
– Full membership benefits. This includes dispatch advisor will call your family members or police if necessary, send a qualified on-site service provider and assist in coordination and payment transactions.


When a vehicle cannot be started or driven safely, Nationwide Roadside Assistance will provide towing service. Charges will not be more than the contract stations’ normal rate for towing in that area.

Jump Start

If your car won’t start, the service person will attempt to restart it by jump-starting your battery, checking connections and fluids, or performing other minor mechanical repairs. Such work is temporary and not guaranteed; you should drive immediately to a repair facility and have the problem corrected.

Tire Change

If you have a flat tire, your spare will be installed. If no inflated spare is available, the vehicle may be towed.

Lockout Service

If you are accidentally locked out of your car, we will send a service provider who will try to open it. State law requires that locksmiths obtain identification from a person receiving their services, so be prepared to show your driver’s license. If that fails or the key is lost or broken, you are eligible for towing.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of fuel we’ll bring you enough fuel to get to the nearest service station. You’ll be charged for fuel at the market rate. If you need diesel fuel, you must request it when you call. Note: Diesel may not be available in all locations.